10 Ways Dietitians can Make Money Online

With the current situation, now is the best time to use your credentials and your training to make an income from the comfort of your own home. You may be surprised by the opportunities that are out there, so read on and see if any of these speak to you. 


Dietitians may not often brand themselves as writers, but writing is a skill that dietitians have developed through years of schooling, working on research papers, charting, blogging, and more. What if you got paid to put this skill to work? Try reaching out to online publications, newsletters, magazines, and blogs, and see what kind of writing you can do for them. Maybe you could be a guest blogger for a popular website, or you could create educational materials. You could even ghost write, or write your own book about your area of expertise. If you're savvy in the kitchen, you could start creating your own cookbook.

Virtual Nutrition Counseling:

Virtual healthcare appointments are increasing in popularity, so now may be the best time to jump on in! With virtual nutrition counseling, you can meet with clients and patients in the comfort of your home. If you're wanting to get started, check out our previous blog posts on Telehealth, and look into virtual platforms that make telehealth easy like Healthie.

Develop Online Courses:

Online courses are one of the best ways to learn new things or advance your education, and we're no strangers to them as dietitians. Instead of always attending online courses, what if you developed and taught them? Hosting live or recorded courses for a fee is great for improving your public speaking skills and increasing your income. And, the courses could be about anything that's of interest to both dietitians and consumers.

Virtual Talks & Presentations:

Here's another excellent way to improve on your public speaking skills. With all of the virtual communication apps available these days, it's becoming more easy to host virtual talks and presentations, and directing those services towards businesses may allow you to increase your income. Reach out to different businesses to see what they're looking for and pitch nutrition presentations for a flat rate.

Virtual Spokesperson:

Do you use products that you've researched and feel passionate about? You may be able to get involved with the company and work towards being a virtual spokesperson for the products. Simply promoting and representing certain products can provide you with a source of income and a larger following on social media. To start, reach out to a company's PR department.

Consulting for Restaurants:

As the public's nutrition and health interest increases, restaurants are in need of dietitians to work on a list of projects like analyzing menu items, consulting on new menu items, recipe modifications to increase nutrition quality, advising on current and upcoming food and nutrition trends, helping to communicate health benefits of foods, and teaching kitchen staff how to create more healthful meals. Advertising yourself as a consultant for restaurants allows for both in-person and virtual work opportunities, and it's a great way to put your cooking knowledge to work.

Content Development:

If you're savvy in the kitchen and enjoy experimenting with recipes, you may find opportunities to develop recipes for food companies. And if you're creative when it comes to plating and displaying your creations, food photography can allow you to let others use your images for a fee.

Paid Subscriptions:

It's not uncommon for dietitians to have blogs and websites with high-quality content available to the public. Consider creating some content that's available by subscription only, so the public has to pay to receive it. This will require great marketing skills to promote your content, and we recommend keeping some content free to the public to gain and maintain views and followers.


Ads are something we see on nearly every website we go to, and they're hard to avoid. While ad overload may be hard to look at, a small number of ads can really increase the income you receive from your website whether it's a nutrition blog, recipe collection, or something else.

Remote Employment Opportunities:

We recently shared a list of virtual job opportunities for dietitians, which allow dietitians to make an income from home as clinical dietitians, health coaches, and more. New telecommuting job opportunities become available every day for dietitians, so stay tuned to job search websites like LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Glassdoor, and Indeed. Also, get involved in the various online dietitian groups available. It's not uncommon for dietitians to post job openings in these groups, and building your network may open the door to future virtual work opportunities. 

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