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A Mission Statement is a Must: How-To Template

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

You've most likely seen mission statements all over. They're on company websites, in promotional materials, and on business cards. But what are they? Mission Statements are short statements that define why a company or a business exists. They outline their purpose and can help the company to create a vision for their future. But did you know that mission statements aren't just for companies?

Personal mission statements are a lot less popular, but they're essential in helping to identify your goals and your purpose in life. They define what you do for your community, for the world, and for those you care about.

Mission statements may look simple, but writing them should involve a great deal of mindfulness and effort. Luckily, we've got a step-by-step guide to help you craft your personal mission statement so you can reach even further when it comes to your goals.

Download and print this template to fill out as you read about each section and determine your own mission statement: https://9aff0897-cf02-42ca-a2a5-d6c88327d68c.filesusr.com/ugd/3dc735_36f35ceb0d3947a486523c551b459121.pdf

Personality Traits: The first step to writing your personal mission statement is to become familiar with the core traits that make you who you are. Think about your emotions, your motivation, your openness, and your agreeableness. Your personality may be complex, but without understanding it, your mission statement may be ineffective. 

Values: In this step, take some time to jot down what's truly important to you. What goals and dreams do you reach for? What do you prioritize? Try to gather a list of at least five things that you truly value in life. 

Legacy: Consider how you want to be remembered 100 years into the future. What kind of impact did you have on those around you? How could your actions still impact people's lives? Work to define the impression you want to have and work from there. 

Interests and Passions: Try to list about 20 things that your interested in and passionate about. This should be quick and should include things that you happily spend your free time doing. 

Strengths & Skills: Think about all of the wonderful things that you're great at. If you're having a hard time coming up with a list, you can ask the people closest to you. You can also take time to gather this list and jot down things that you recognize as strengths as you go about your day for a week. 

Mission Statement: Now that you have a better understanding of yourself, it's time to put all of that information together into one concise paragraph. Once you have your paragraph, keep fine-tuning it until you have summed up in one sentence. Shortening it may be hard to do, but remember to focus on the most significant things that you outlined in the previous steps.

Once you've created your mission statement, don't just leave it in a drawer in your office. Frame it on your wall, write it in the front of your planner, and put it in a note on your phone. Keep it where you can see it often, so you remember to live by it every day. It's also a good idea to share your mission statement with others. Not only will it help them to learn about what you're going to live up to, but it'll also allow them to help hold you accountable for your incredible goals.

Additionally, remember that it's okay to make changes to your mission statement. Throughout your life, you'll evolve as an individual, so your mission statement should evolve, too. When you do make changes, though, keep in mind what you write down above: your personality, your values, your legacy, your interests, and your strengths.

Now write your mission statement, and if you want, comment it below! We'd love to see what you come up with!

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