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Blogs That Inspire Us

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

There are so many inspiring dietitians out there that are so devoted to their practice and helping others achieve healthy lifestyles and peace with food. Unfortunately, we can't list them all, but here's a list of blogs by dietitians that inspire us every day.

Food Heaven Made Easy 


Bloggers, Dietitians, and Certified Diabetes Educators Jess and Wendy are two BFFs who love all things nutrition. Their blog is filled with the most appetizing looking recipes and the best tips for making peace with food. As a bonus, they host a podcast that dives into topics like HAES and body acceptance while reviewing tons of professionals in the field.

Abby Langer Nutrition


Abby Langer is an award-winning Registered Dietitian whose nutrition philosophy encourages a complete approach to healthy diets. She believes that a healthy diet involves our attitude towards food, and she promotes body respect while debunking common nutrition myths. Her and her team offer nutrition counseling, recipe development, and diet reviews.

Marisa Moore Nutrition


Marisa Moore is a Registered Dietitian in Atlanta, Georgia, that uses a food first strategy to cut nutrition noise and provide actual facts. Her credibility guarantee inspires us to refer to sound science, and she reminds us that healthy eating is a process, not a task to cross off our to-do list. Her blog includes mostly vegetarian recipes and "Monday Morsels" that discuss all things nutrition.

Street Smart Nutrition


Cara is a non-diet dietitian with a long resume, including experience in community nutrition, corporate wellness, pediatrics, and private practice. She inspires us by sharing her journey with health and growing out of diet culture to create a life full of freedom and food peace. You can find fun recipes, information about where foods come from, and responses to FAQs that you may have had before on her blog.  

Whole Life Nutrition


Anna and Crystal at Whole Life Nutrition bring a lot of expertise to their business, where they provide nutrition counseling for emotional eating, intuitive eating, body image, and eating disorders. Their blog is full of reminders to love our bodies and the fuel we put in them, and to be more gentle to ourselves. As a bonus, their website links to different podcasts and resources that help create positive food relationships.

Do you have a blog of your own that we didn't list? Or do you follow a blogger that you think we should, too? Drop a link below, so we can follow along and so our followers can, too! 

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