Instagram Story Tips from #SMMW

How is your instagram story game? 🤔

We're bringing you the top 3 tips for Instagram Stories we learned at Social Media Marketing World!

1. Create High Quality Visual Content! 💫Of course right? That's a given. From @alexbeadon, we learned an easy and game-changing tip, which is to get creative with the fonts. Change up your font types and colors within the same story. If you want some visual examples, head over the link in bio to see how to elevate your aesthetic.

2. Use Hashtags Strategically in Stories! 💫This is something you might have avoided to not ruin the story vibe, but we learned an amazing tip from @theinstagramexpert who showed us how to use up to 10 hashtags in stories and make them visually disappear! That's right, you can still have them in your story, but use the dropper tool so that they basically look invisible. We show how to do this step by step over on our blog.

3. Keep Viewers Actively Involved with Engagement Stickers 💫 Our final takeaway comes from @chalenejohnson who believes using mixed media (photo/text, video) daily, posting frequently, and including some kind of engagement sticker daily helps to keep your audience engaged. What are the engagement stickers? Polls, Quizzes, Sliders, and Questions. If you're stumped on how to use them best, she suggests keeping it simple and make the questions no brainers with all positive responses! Why? People just love tapping, its fun for them, and instagram loves that engagement signal and will help boost your page.

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