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Telehealth Resources (Get Started & Growing!)

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

We've shared a lot of information about Telehealth this week, but there's still so much more information out there for those that are interested. For this reason, we've compiled an alphabetical list of resources for those that want more general information and for those that are considering starting their career in virtual consulting.

American Telemedicine Association provides a wide array of telehealth information from Telehealth basics to policy issues. It also provides resources for practitioners like toolkits and practice guidelines. Some of the information directed towards professionals is limited to members only, but a lot of their more general information is free to the public.


American Hospital Association has fact sheets and case studies that are great educational tools for anyone wanting to know more about Telehealth.



Telehealth Overview - CDR shows which states have Telehealth restrictions and state licensure regulations


Eat Love

A software service that takes the work out of meal planning for you. Smart meal plan technology that is optimized for food waste, includes smart ingredient combining, and fits customized diet needs. This is a bonus tool that your clients will love, and that will save you a ton of time if you're someone who provides meal plans/ recipes to follow.


Freelance /Private Practice Dietitians' Group on Facebook


Health eCareers has a lot of information for those looking to begin their virtual career. Though it's not directed at Registered Dietitians, it's a helpful tool to learn about the opportunities that are out there. 


🔥🔥Healthie lists 20 ways to grow your nutrition business, which is beneficial for RDs trying wanting to start their virtual practice. They also have a great article on who covers reimbursement for Telehealth services, and another for how to introduce clients to Telehealth. Learn more on their youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNTo4tfOB8n1JDPhMwSDD_w) Not only do they blog about best practices for telehealth, they provide a EHR that private practice dietitians can purchase a subscription to. This fully HIPAA compliant EHR allows RDs to communicate with patients, schedule patients, send appointment reminders, create program packages, take payments, customize intake/consent form templates, send documents, send billing claims, send faxes, host video counseling sessions, track meals, track fitbit, set goals, host video content like courses/recorded webinars, integrate with fullscript, and more!


International Dietitians Network Group on Facebook



Kalix is a HIPAA compliant EHR, practice management & telehealth solution for dietitians. Scheduling, documentation, messaging & billing available for managing your client's care. This is an affordable subscription plan.


🔥🔥🔥Practice Better

Their blog is great! Many articles on Telehealth, insurance, business tips and more. Practice better is another top recommended EHR, with all the bells and whistles of features you can imagine. They have everything Healthie has. Both are user-friendly, but I have heard a lot of high praise for Practice Better in comparison to Healthie. In addition to their blog, they have a youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/PracticeBetter) that has plat form walk throughs, best practices, and more how-tos!


Telehealth Resource Center is an excellent resource for organizations and individuals that are currently providing or thinking about starting to offer healthcare services virtually. The website allows you to find the Telehealth Resource Center for your location. 


Today's Dietitian

Telehealth Private Practice Webinar Course, $20


🔥Sam Lippolis is a blogger that has worked in telehealth for ten years. Her video titled "3 Must-Haves for a Fast-Growing Telehealth Program" is excellent for anyone practicing virtual care, including Dietitians, to learn how to grow a virtual practice. Sam interviews different types of clinicians who are using telehealth to reach more patients.


🔥🔥🔥Simple Practice has a video series that shares great information regarding private practice and Telehealth. The series is 14 episodes long and covers networking, marketing, getting referrals, and setting up your practice legally. This fully HIPAA compliant EHR has all of the same features we mentioned with Healthie, and they are continually providing helpful content (video series, webinars) for private practice. Simple Practice costs less then Healthie, so if you're on a budget, this EHR can give you massive bang for your buck.


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