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Trailblazing Dietitians & Resources for CBD

As Cannabidiol use increases in popularity, it's important for dietitians and healthcare professionals to get in the know. For this reason, we're sharing the top dietitians who've branded themselves as go-to dietitians with CBD education, and the corporate resources to use to learn more.

Top Dietitians Trailblazing in CBD

Emily Kyle, MS, RDN, CLT, HCP

Emily is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist practicing in New York that specializes in Cannabis Counseling and uses her platform to break the social stigma of female cannabis users. She's passionate about helping women overcome health struggles like anxiety and pain with responsible CBD use, and shares her knowledge as a food and nutrition media and TV personality and a nutrition communications consultant.

You can find her on Instagram at @emilykylenutrition or online at emilykylenutrition.com where she shares benefits of CBD and delicious recipes that fit every lifestyle like CBD chocolate strawberries and vegan, paleo and gluten-free beet tortilla wraps. She offers online CBD education and health counseling, and a blog full of natural remedies, CBD how-tos, and other nutrition topics. Visit her website for a free anti-anxiety meal plan and an online shop where you can purchase CBD products.

Emily has been featured on multiple media channels like Fox News Rochester, where she hosts a weekly segment called Health in a Handbasket that discusses various nutrition topics. She's also been interviewed for Food Network, and her recipes have been featured on websites like Well and Good, and Shape. As a cannabis media expert, she shows up in almost every online search related to CBD and dietetics and is highly proficient in turning evidence-based information into entertaining and easy-to-digest messages.

Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN

Laura is an integrative and functional nutritionist and a cannabis wellness pioneer. She's one of the few dietitians in the world who has completed the Functional Medicine Training Program, and she's the co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy. She's passionate about using food and CBD to focus in on anxiety, chronic inflammation, fibromyalgia, IBD, insomnia, women's health, and other diseases.

You can find her on Instagram at @laurawlagano or online at lauralagano.com where she promotes her personalized lifestyle coaching and cannabis consulting for companies and dispensaries. Through her website, you can also purchase a copy of her book, "The CBD Oil Miracle," to learn more about managing pain, improving your mood, and fighting inflammation with CBD oil. You can also check out her upcoming speaking events so you can stay up-to-date with her engagements and educational materials.

As a leading expert in CBD, Laura has been featured in a ton of media publications, including books, podcasts, and online articles. She's shared her knowledge on merryjane.com in an article titled "A Holistic Nutritionist's Approach to CBD." She has covered topics ranging from breastfeeding and meditation to drug-nutrient interactions and eating habits. Her extensive list of features is too long to include here but can be found on her website.

Janice Newell Bissex, MS, RDN

Janice has a long resume as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, a culinary nutritionist, a cookbook author, a speaker, and an end-of-life doula. Her journey with cannabis began recently in 2016 as a pain management tool for her father, and cannabis use quickly developed into a full-blown mission to help clients find relief from various ailments using medical cannabis and CBD. Part of her goal is to reduce the stigma associated with cannabis use by assisting individuals to understand how to use it to treat certain conditions safely.

She can be found on Instagram at @janicebissex or online at jannabiswellness.com. She offers a wide variety of services like cannabis consulting with clients to discuss the appropriateness of CBD use, recipe development, nutrient analysis, and public speaking. On her website, you can also purchase hemp oil products that contain CBD, and she provides a free dosing guide to get you started with your products. You can also find a long list of resources to take a look at if you want to learn more about the use of CBD in multiple disease states.

With her expertise, it's no mystery that she's a leading expert when it comes to CBD use, and she's been featured a lot in the media because of it. If you're a fan of The Nutrition Diva's Podcast, you've probably heard Janice before, as she was a guest on an episode focused on CBD Oil. She's also spoken on the Boston Functional Nutrition's Real Food Radio, where she discussed the benefit of using CBD oil to elevate your health. She's also been featured in Today's Dietitian Magazine, The Washington Post, and Today.com.

Erin Kenney, MS, RD, HCP

Erin is a dietitian specializing in digestive health, sports nutrition, mental health, and medical cannabis use. She aims to help her clients stop dieting, heal their guts, and rewire the way that they view health. She's also a holistic cannabis practitioner that promotes the benefits of using CBD through her social media channel.

She can be found on Instagram at @nutritionrewired or online at nutritionrewired.com where she offers 1:1 in person and virtual nutrition and lifestyle coaching. She can also be booked as a speaker for events, a corporate wellness instructor, or a cooking class instructor. Her Instagram followers can count on her for delightfully unique recipes, gut health advice, and various other nutrition topics.

Erin is featured in podcasts like the Vive Nutrition Podcast, where she talks about all you need to know about CBD. She's also a frequent guest on WBZ iHeart Radio, where she teaches listeners about gut health, leaky gut, SIBO, the ketogenic diet, and CBD.

Donna Shields, MS, RDN

Donna is a Cannabis Culinary Nutritionist that has a diverse background in the field of dietetics, including time as an Army Dietitian. She's a cookbook author and a former instructor for the Culinary Institute of America, and she's one of the two dietitians that developed the Holistic Cannabis Academy's practitioner training program. Because of her experience, if you're looking to become a holistic cannabis practitioner, she's a great contact to have.

Donna can be found online at donnashields.net and you can find her work at holisticcannabisacademy.com as well. Her website offers a ton of great resources like customized education, help to build your wellness brand, and assistance in developing products and partnerships. She's also available for speaking opportunities and is dedicated to demystifying CBD use.

Her experience leads her to be featured all over, including in the Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, and in an article on Forbes about educational programs for students wanting to learn about Cannabis. She's also been featured in articles on Leafly, Cannahealth, and US News, and she's been featured on Cannabis Radio as well.

Top RD Education Resources for CBD

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has posted about its neutral stance on CBD, stating that the Academy intends to support efforts to secure funding for CBD research, monitor legislative initiatives related to CBD, and communicate the potential for misuse, among other things. Still, they provide educational materials on the use of CBD, including a session planned for FNCE 2020 titled "CBD is Everywhere! Navigating the MNT and its Role in the Marketplace".

Today's Dietitian is unsurprisingly on top of CBD education and has been sharing information about it in their magazine since 2018. This article, spotlighting cannabidioldiscusses the best uses of CBD and how it's created and the forms it's sold in. In their April 2019 Issue, Today's Dietitian wrote about cannabis for treating disease. This lengthy article covers everything you need to know about CBD use, including implications for RDs.

Dietitian Central has always provided great continuing education resources, so it's no wonder they've covered topics like CBD use in their webinars. In one of their more recent webinars, titled CBD: What's the Buzz?participants can learn about the different cannabis plants, the differences between various cannabinoids, the science on CBD's safety and benefits, legal implications, and future trends. The webinar is directed towards RDs, DTRs, and other health professionals, and it offers 1 CPEU for $18.

PEN: Practice-Based Evidence in Nutrition aims to help nutrition practitioners stay up to date on the latest in food and nutrition, so it's no surprise that they feature some articles on CBD use. This article, for example, discusses the safety of herbal products like cannabis in individuals with mulsiple sclerosis. While the content is reserved for members, prospective members can begin a free trial to learn more.

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