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The Dietitian's Guide to Food Photography & Branding

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Ready to elevate your online business with beautiful, professional photos? 

Let me tell you a secret.... 

YOU can take photos like this & your photos can get you PAID MORE with LESS TIME. 

Take magazinesque, instagram-worthy photos in just 8 weeks 

Have valuable services, content, or recipes to share but feel stuck due to lackluster photos? 

Want to finally grab attention and grow your online business? 

Get access to this online training where you will learn exactly how to take your photo from drab to fab (in just 2 months) without the overwhelm.

Elevate your photography 



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Get paid turning your
passion into income

What do you get in the course? 

The Dietitian's Guide to Food Photography & Branding: Online Course

This 8 week course is a 3-part system designed to help you focus down, take stunning photos, and turn profits. 

With pre-recorded, self-guided study videos and accompanying worksheets, you can self pace or follow our recommended 8 week schedule. Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access. 

What is 8 week course like? 

The Curriculum: $497 ($1,000 Value)

Unit 1:

Get Focused

(6 video tutorials)

1. Introduction and Getting Started

2. Why Showing Up Online is Valuable

3. Photography Equipment List and Marketing Checklist

4. Branding 

5. Niching Down

6. Overview 

Unit 2:

Get Productive

(6 video tutorials)

1. Introduction 

2. Hacking Productivity

3. Time Batching

4. Production Plan

5. Bonus: Planning Photoshoots

6. Overview

Unit 3:

Get Shooting: iphone

(6 video tutorials) 

1. Introduction  

2. Composition 

3. Light / Color

4. Food Styling 

5. Editing 

6. Overview 

Unit 4:

Get Shooting: DSLR

For Beginners

(5 video tutorials) 

1. Introduction


2. The Basics

3. Composition / Light / Color

4. Editing 

5. Overview 

Unit 5: Get Social

(6 video tutorials) 

1. Introduction 

2. Content Strategy & Editorial Calendar

3. Social Tools: Create Amazing Content

4. Branding, Value, and Algorithms

5. How to Grow Your Audience

6. Overview

Unit 6: Get Selling

(6 video tutorials) 

1. Introduction 

2. Passive Revenue Streams

3. Pricing Your Rates for Paid Collabs

4. Pitching Brands

5. Sales Funnel

6. Sizzling Sales Copy

7. Overview

And These Bonuses...

20 CPE Credits for Registered Dietitians 
Free Access to our Online Conference Series featuring RD Thought leaders and Business Experts
Lifetime Access to this Course's private Facebook Group for continued support 
Monthly Freebies sent straight to your inbox.
Expect awesome social media prompts, marketing strategies, and more.
Exclusive discounts on all future courses, ebooks, and products. 
Mood Board Guide, Photoshoot Planning Ebook, Sales Copy Template, Pitching Template, and Media Kit Template ($195 Value) 

Get Everything for only $499 ($1,195 total value)

Does this sound like you? 

You're not sure how others have the time to create beautiful instagram feeds, but you know that amazing content can open a lot of revenue doors. 

You want more website traffic and you're wondering how to bring in more buzz around your business. You know social media is a tool to drive traffic, but you haven't figured out how to utilize it properly. 

You are spinning your wheels, wishing you could create and sell digital products or services but you're finding it hard to execute the vision in your head. 

Right now it may look like anything but easy. Photography feels complicated and social media feels overwhelming. We know. Our team has all been there before and will fast-track your learning and your earning. 

After all of the learning curves, we've figured out a 3-part system to get you fully equipped (affordably), focused on what matters, and attracting high profits. 

You have the ability to make six and seven figures with your online business. We will help you not only elevate your visual brand to capture attention and authority so you can sell anything, but we will also teach you exactly how we made and scaled multiple $1,500-$10,000 reccuring brand deals.

You know what happens when you finally learn how to captivate and engage your audience online? 

  • You wake up every morning excited to tackle content creation because you have the system to handle it like a pro. 

  • The revenue will flow in as you book clients with ease. 

  • You will shine a light on your expertise with confidence.

  • You will find the creative + time + financial FREEDOM you've been craving.

  • And of course.... You will learn how to not only take beautiful photos that catapult your image on instagram and your website (and save money on hiring photographers), you will learn real life case studies on growing multiple streams of passive revenue with your new profitable skillset. 


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